Welcome to Summer

Vacations are being planned, the magnolias have bloomed, and the scent of the ocean seems to have drawn several away for a 5-day break from the daily grind of routine and responsibility. As the promise of new life and rebirth was realized during the spring season, the possibilities of summer adventure now lay ahead.  So far, 2020 has been a year for the record books; a year that has presented new challenges with nearly every change of the date. Despite these challenges, time has continued to march forward; springtime did not disappoint and time will continue its progress as we move into the relaxed pace of summer, a time to cultivate new growth and the vitality of youth.

As change continues to shape our daily lives, Harman Construction, Inc. continues to evolve and make meaningful adaptations to the changing seasons and environments that have blended into our daily routine. Our job sites continue to evolve into visual attractions that are taking shape in and around the valley. The Hyatt place Hotel in Harrisonburg is nearly framed and the months of preparations, planning and design are delivering the results promised.  The Andros project in Mt. Jackson continues to come out of the ground and the Sunnyside Wellness Center project is coming together to reveal the impressive final product.

We are grateful that the challenging days of 2020 have provided us all with an opportunity to grow and strengthen our resolve as a solid leader in the construction industry as we adapted to change and faced the unprecedented challenges of 2020 head on.

There is more to come! We are pleased to be launching the beautifully designed Bridgewater Fields townhouse development later this Summer….we will share more about this next time.

So enjoy the youth of summer and soak up some sun, take a walk in the mountains, smell the roses and appreciate each day as a gift.

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