Team Member Spotlight – Ryan Strite

Here at Harman we are privileged to have such a great team of people working for our clients. Once a month we will be highlighting one of our team members so that you can get to know them a little bit better.

Ryan StriteThis month the spotlight falls on our Business Development Manager Ryan Strite. 

Ryan joined Harman in 2004 as a project manager before switching to business development seven years later. His past experience managing projects strengthens his ability to help clients put together projects that are well thought out.

Here are a couple questions we asked Ryan about his own experience at Harman and what he believes makes Harman a great place to work and a great company to do business with:

What has been your favorite project with Harman? 

  • That is really hard to answer. Each design project is so fulfilling for me and each one is unique in it’s own way. I love being able to help a client take their dreams and help turn that dream into a reality. That for me is extremely fulfilling.

What have you come to appreciate and value about the Harman team? 

  • Our Harman team truly cares. They love the work that they do and they handle that work with commitment and integrity and I think it shows because at least 75% of our customers are returning customers – which speaks volumes about our team here at Harman.

As a former athlete, how does that experience help you in your job today?

  • In college I was a point guard in basketball. As a point guard it was my job to put people in position to succeed. It’s the same in my work, my desire is to put people in a position to succeed, either as a team member or as a client. Not only that, but the whole design-build process is a collaborate team effort, and so knowing how to work together is vital to everyone’s success.

Outside of Harman, what other things do you enjoy in your down-time?

  • I love spending time with my wife and two children. Right now our daughter is playing t-ball and I love seeing her play and grow in that environment. We also like to get out to the mountains and just spend time together and on occasion I get a fishing trip in here and there.

To read Ryan’s full bio or to contact him – Click Here


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