Mimslyn Inn_Porch at Dusk

Re-working an existing space—whether straight renovation or historic restoration—can be challenging stuff.

Unlike new construction, there are often many unknowns. We understand these challenges and come prepared to handle the unknowns.

Flexibility is the key to making an existing building work for your modern facility needs. It is the rare exception that a renovation doesn’t uncover something unexpected.

This means taking a proactive approach.

  • Always looking ahead to the next steps and asking ourselves, “What if?”
  • Thinking about how we can utilize alternate means or methods.
  • Identifying, how we can drive the schedule forward in one area, while simultaneously putting on the brakes in another.

We won’t even need to use the majority of our solutions that this type of agile thinking produces, but it is what gives you the results you’re after.

On top of the enormous amount of flexibility renovations require, Historic Restorations also require a great deal of rigidity.

A special type of rigidity that not only requires knowledge, but also appreciation. An appreciation of history, materials, and craftsmanship. That appreciation is what gives the knowledge meaning and the ability to match the original character with today’s building function and performance.