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How would you describe the impact of being around really great people?

In today’s fast paced world the culture and business community are moving full speed toward communication almost exclusively through social media, email, and text. While this may create efficiency, it removes the joy of relating to people face-to-face. I believe that relating face-to-face allows us to leave a greater, more positive impact on people’s lives than social media sometimes allows.

As I think about the many great companies and organizations in the Shenandoah Valley I realize that what draws me in are the people in our local businesses and organizations. However, it’s not just about the business, but how my fellow entrepreneurs handle their business.

In the same way I am excited about the team of people we are building at Harman Construction!  Over the years many people have commented on the quality and character of our people. It really doesn’t matter how great a service you have if you don’t have the team of people to carry out the mission and vision of the organization.

In the same respect, I have had some wonderful experiences with sales representatives that genuinely care about me, our business, and our mutual benefit. They want to discover what we need and how they can help.

On the other hand there are those times someone calls you buddy and yet doesn’t really know you. I have even had one representative tell me an inappropriate joke….really?

Take a minute to ponder some of the qualities that you appreciate in the people you do business with or work alongside? 

Here are a few qualities I look for when working with others:

  • Can I trust them to follow through with commitments they have made?
  • Do they seem to bluff their way through an answer and skim over important details? I love when someone can answer a question by honestly saying, “I don’t know the answer, but I will research it and get back to you.”  Then do they follow through and get back to you without having to be reminded.
  • In conversation, do they talk more about themselves or do they listen and ask questions about you?
  • Do they speak highly of others and look for the best in people and situations?
  • Are they willing to speak the truth even if it is not what you want to hear?
  • Do they give of their time to help others in the community?
  • How do they handle criticism?

We don’t always live up to these standards, but I am confident that as we focus on doing these things well, we will grow as people and as a company.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and jot down what you like to see in the people that you interact with and ask yourself: what do others experience when they interact with me?

Let’s keep focused on leaving a positive impact on the people we encounter and our businesses and community will be a better place.


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