Harman Construction Day 2-1130

What started out as a trend, green building, is fast becoming industry standard.

The field continues to change rapidly as new innovations hit the market. This means you often have many shades of green to choose for your project.

LEED is what many people think of when they hear green building. Some industries dictate new buildings meet the Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level.

In fact, LEED is often used as a way to market to your customers and showcase your company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. What you might not realize is your project doesn’t need a LEED certificate to be green.

It all comes down to: what are your goals?

There are many options and elements that can enhance your building’s performance while limiting environmental impact. For example, choosing to renovate your existing space or finding a new one to fix up are much greener options than building new.

With experienced LEED AP’s on staff, we can walk you through all your options to save green—both of the Mother Nature variety and what you’ve got in the bank.