Design-Build has inherent advantages: single-source delivery, enhanced communication, greater cost control, improved risk management, and compressed schedule.

Harman Design-Build gives you an added benefit of allowing you to test out our waters before diving in.

Though we pioneered the Design-Build process in the Valley in 1988, that doesn’t mean we’re outdated in our approach. Quite the contrary.

For some, Design-Build may seem like too big a commitment with lots of “what ifs” in play. We understand. And, we want you to feel comfortable working with us. That’s why our Design-Build Agreement is phased and easy to understand. We don’t want to waste your time or money, so you’re free to move on with minimal losses if you don’t think we’re the right fit.

Bring us your idea and we’ll begin by listening to your facility wants and needs. Asking the right questions is our job. Taking your answers and putting them to paper—well, Revit® actually—is where things really get started.

By establishing a working partnership, we move through the design process and cost analysis. Together we come to the desired facility concept and price.

As your project moves through the phases you get to select, price, plan, and review features, finishes, and architectural details; exploring options prior to construction. Bids are received and estimates are formed.

With the scope defined and contract signed, the convenience of single-source delivery allows our team to move seamlessly, and more quickly, into construction.

With the full range of presconstruction services available, your facility takes shape as the finishing details are specified and you have the confidence of knowing your project is being built to your plans and specifications using the best subcontractors, methods, and components for the best price.