Aggressive Schedule, Quality Construction & Competitive Pricing… How to Get All 3 (Part 2)

There is an old saying in our industry that you can deliver a construction project with one or two of the following qualities but not all three:

1. Aggressive schedule
2. Quality construction
3. Competitive pricing

At Harman Construction we think it is possible to do all three but not without careful planning and a project that is set up for success right from the start. In this blog post I will address the second one on the list….quality.

Often we have clients that are clear from the start that schedule is not important and they want the necessary time taken to plan and build without feeling rushed.  Their most important goal is to have it “done right” How do we make sure we get the design quality right and the construction quality right?  I will suggest a few keys in each phase.

Design Quality:

  • It is important to clarify the client’s goals and expectations.  The spaces needed and the size and shape of them are clearly documented as an OPR (Owner Project Requirements) document is completed.
  • Consultants – including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil design professionals – are brought into a well-coordinated process early on.
  • Adequate time is given for document review to check for errors and inconsistencies.
  • The construction team members are brought in to look at constructability, to make sure it can actually be built effectively and safely the way it has been designed.

Construction Quality:

  • Subcontractors are selected that are known for quality workmanship.  Good quality is impossible without the right team.
  • The project superintendent is selected with experience in the project type being constructed.
  • Pre-installation meetings are held before each major task is performed to make sure all parties (PM, Superintendent and Subcontractors) are on the same page in regards to safety, and quality expectations.
  • A reasonable schedule is established that allows the work to be completed without trades working over top of each other or feeling rushed to complete.
  • Consistent project meetings are held to work out conflicts in drawings and to adequately define expectations.

We are often reminded that a missed week or two in a schedule can have a short term impact, but poor construction quality never goes away.

Our project superintendents, who average over 15 years at Harman, are standing on the front line when it comes to quality. Their daily oversight, coupled with years of experience, help ensure a quality product is delivered for each customer.

We could not be more proud of our team of professionals and the value each brings Harman.

Our team looks to extend the value of our people to our clients and help them “get it right” with quality throughout the construction process.

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