All companies must adhere to OSHA standards. So what makes safety at Harman any different than the next guy? Well, it’s in the small, but meaningful ways safety has been ingrained into our culture starting from the top. Sure we do all the standard stuff like jobsite specific safety plans and tool-box safety talks, but when your goal is to send everyone home to their families in the same condition they left for work, we think that’s worth going above and beyond for.

To start, our leadership has empowered every employee to uphold the safety standards. That means, no matter where an employee sits on the totem pole, he or she is encouraged to speak up and stop work if they see something unsafe. It’s in our milestone safety celebrations where our CEO mans the grill full of steaks. It’s in the company-wide recognition for safety suggestions and the incentives awarded for zero accidents.

Though we do all this because we think it’s the right thing to do, there are indirect benefits to you as a client. A safe work environment leads in increased morale with lower turnover, higher productivity, and greater quality. And, companies with lower accident rates have lower insurance rates and other costs that increase overhead.

Harman’s commitment to safety was recognized in 2012 with the receipt of The Virginia Contractors Group Self Insurance Association’s (VACO) Gold Safety Award.